Saturday, April 13, 2013

Even when I think I can't...I know I can

I have had one heck of a month, with these last 2 weeks being extra insane. My 9 month old son had to under go surgery last month (which went amazingly well! He is quite the trooper!). That alone made me a basket case, but in addition to that I had oodles and oodles of homework, tests and exams for school, we put our house up for sale and have had to juggle phone calls and showings, and 2 out of my 3 kids have taken turns being sick for the last 2 weeks straight. I have never cleaned up more poop or puke in my life. I swear every time they move something is squirting out from somewhere. It's horrible.

On top of all of that, my husband had to go in yesterday for further testing on a lump they found in his armpit. He has already had skin cancer below his eye that was surgically removed less than a year ago, so we were a little on edge about these recent findings. Luckily God has looked out for our family once again, and it turned out not to be cancerous. He was scheduled to go out of town on a fishing trip with his father, and postponed it until we knew what was going on. After we got the news, his trip was back on. THEN, our son spiked another high fever and started vomiting....again. Awesome. I felt that it was a sign telling him not to go on his trip. After that, our almost 16 year old dog ran away. Yes, ran away. He can hardly move, and is on his death bed, but still managed to escape from our garage. Another sign? I thought so. 

We frantically searched for 2.5 hours, and finally found him. I was sure that my husband was going to stay home due to our extremely eventful and exhausting day...but to my surprise he packed the car and was out the door faster than lightening. I know how much he really enjoys this annual trip with his dad, and how excited his dad gets, but being a little selfish, I was upset that he left me high and dry with sick kids. The icing on the cake is that the cabin they go to his so high in the mountains that there is no cell phone service. Even better right? 

After a very difficult bedtime routine due to sickness, I finally got the last of the kids to sleep by 10pm. 2 hours after normal bedtime. I just sat down to do some homework, when the baby woke up with another fever and vomiting. This continued 8 more times throughout the night. The last time I got puked on, I broke down in tears. I took my vomit covered clothes off, climbed back in bed, and cried myself to sleep.

I got a total of maybe 3 hours of shuteye, resulting in having a short fuse all morning with my older 2 kids. They have been on timeout more today than any other day. I don't know if they are deliberately being bad, or if I just feel like that because I'm so physically and mentally drained. Either way, it's been exhausting.

At one point, my 3 year old was on timeout for climbing into the bathtub in her swimsuit, turning the water on (right after I told her not too), and splashing it all over the place because "she wanted to pretend she was at a water park!". While crying sitting on the timeout mat, my 2 year old walked up to her, squatted down to her level, and said "STRAIGHTEN UP" right in her face before strutting past her and playing with all of her favorite toys. Nap time can't come soon enough, and I'm hoping we all can start on a new page when we get up. Myself included. Come on Sunday!!

Saturday, March 16, 2013

Raising a toddler and preschooler is like raising Jekyll and Hyde

I pretty much have a love/hate relationship with the current phase my 2 and 3 year old are in. I hate that they fight over EVERYTHING. I want that, I had that, don't touch that, Morgan's hitting me, Maddie's kicking me, blah blah blah.

When Morgan doesn't want to eat something or she's had enough of something...on the floor it goes. And it's not like she just drops it right below where she's sitting, it ends up halfway across the room in all of .2 seconds. She's obsessed with dumping liquid anything on to whatever she can. I'm still not sure if it's because she's a little scientist and likes experimenting, or if it's because she enjoys seeing her mom lunge across the room in one leap while screaming like a lunatic. 

She throws a tantrum like it's her job if she doesn't get what she wants, and she is super gifted at turning the waterworks on at the drop of a hat. She screams and cries so loud during bath time you would think that I am ripping a limb off, and purposely does exactly what you tell her NOT to do. She practically lives on timeout, and still doesn't get the fact that crayons and markers are for coloring on paper and not carpets, furniture, herself, or her brother. She rips, shreds, and trashes whatever she can get her hands on, and thinks it's awesome.

Maddie's past everything that Morgan is still doing, other than her ability to turn the waterworks on on command. They are both extremely good in that department. However, Maddie does have a problem speaking for EVERYONE. I can't ask Morgan a question without Maddie answering. And if you tell her not to, get ready for a meltdown worthy of an Oscar.

Reading a bedtime story? Forget about it. It turns into the battle of the century nightly. No I want to read this book, let me turn the page, I want to sit there, stop touching me, get the picture. She's started growling when she doesn't get her way, and is on timeout whenever Morgan isn't sitting there. We have entered the talking back phase, and her attitude seems to get snottier and snottier with each passing day. She is quite the little smart ass already. (My husband is terrified of what our house is going to be like when we are all on the same menstrual cycle)

Even though all of that drives me bonkers during the day, they still manage to melt my heart more often than not. Morgan loves making food from her kitchen set, and serves me meals no matter where I am. She's always saying "Mommy...I love you too" even when I haven't said it first. She loves making her brother laugh, and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. Seeing how excited she gets when she answers a question right makes me smile from ear to ear. (That's only when she's able to beat Maddie to the punch) She's always dancing and will command that whoever is in her presence at that time has to dance too. No exceptions. She has started telling jokes, and always has an endless supply of energy. She buzzes around our house like a busy little bee on a mission, and watching her imagination unfold is awesome. She is super creative, and so smart!

If someone is crying both girls will flock to you genuinely concerned, and will heal all wounds with a kiss and a hug. Maddie is the most compassionate person I know, and is always on a hunt to make someone feel good. 

A disagreement is easily diffused by simply asking someone to go make my bed, fill up the dog's food bowl, help with laundry, or do dishes. (I don't want that one to EVER end!!) They truly enjoy making people happy, and they live for seeing the pure delight on your face when you praise them for doing something good. They LOVE playing dress up, and seeing some of the crazy outfits they come out wearing is absolutely hilarious. When they aren't at each other's throats, they are the best of friends and are always looking out for one another.

They are always making me laugh even when I just want to scream. I truly enjoy seeing all 3 of their personalities develop right in front of me, and couldn't be more proud that those are my kids.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My kids ARE able to survive without me.... Who woulda thought?

I had quite the stressful week last week. I was invited to go on a women's renewal weekend retreat. After seriously thinking about it, I decided that I needed to go, for many reasons, but mostly because I felt the desire to strengthen my relationship with God. It seemed like as soon as I made the commitment to go, everything went haywire.

I was already nervous about leaving my kids (it would be the first time EVER that I have slept away from them. The only other time I have left them is when I was in the hospital giving birth to the next kid, and I still ended up having one with me!). Then the two youngest ones got croup and an ear infection at the same time. (which resulted in zero sleep what so ever. They were up every hour and half because they were so uncomfortable.) Dex, my youngest kept throwing up his meds, and this is our 4th antibiotic in a row. I had two GIANT exams to study for and take before I went on my retreat, and since I was tending to sick kids... studying went right out the window. I actually think I forgot things!

After snapping at everyone and anyone because I was so on edge, it was finally exam day. I managed to pull off A's on both exams, but then had to deal with penile adhesions with Dex once I got home. Seriously. Could the timing be any worse? (Well..yeah, actually it probably could have...but this was bad enough)

I'm leaving for my first weekend ever away from my kids, and besides dealing with the anxiety about that, I have to worry about my husband giving everyone their meds when they need it, making sure Dex doesn't throw his up, and remembering to put medicine on his ticky. The antibiotics wouldn't be that big of a deal if my son wasn't going in for surgery in 2 weeks. If he still has an ear infection they won't touch him, so I was even more nervous about leaving that responsibility in someone else's hands.

After I finally made it to the church and started out my weekend, my stress and anxiety slowly started to melt away. If there's one person who can take care of my kids just as good as I can, it's my husband. I knew they were in good hands, and I was really starting to enjoy the adult interaction. Not to mention being able to eat a hot meal since I didn't have to cut up any one's food, and drinking a few beers and letting my hair down a bit was pretty refreshing. It was a great feeling, and just what I needed.

My husband and kids came to church on the final day, and I saw them sitting in the pews as we all filed in. I spotted my girls and started chuckling to myself. My husband is not the girly type. He doesn't do well with ponytails, or even head bands. And picking out their clothes? Forget about it. That's not his cup of tea either. When I first saw Morgan, it looked like he used his pomade in her hair and slicked it straight back. I laughed out loud for a split second, and then tried to compose myself. The shirt she was wearing looked very church-appropriate which was a pleasant surprise. My oldest had a headband in, but it slid down her forehead so far that she looked like she was wearing a workout sweatband. My little Jane Fonda. I snuck over to see them half way through mass because I missed them so much and really got the full blown view then. Morgan had a nice white dressy turtle neck sweater on...and black sweatpants. Sweatpants that were 2 sizes too small. Completed with dressy black sequined boots. She was a hot mess. Maddie looked nice even though she was wearing a summer shirt, and a sweatband, and my little Doo-Doos had on a pair of jeans that I think he grew out of 2 months ago. I didn't even know I still had then in the drawer! His chunky legs were spewing out all over the place...but all 3 of them were as cute as could be. The fact they were dressed like orphans just added to their cuteness.

After a crazy week, and a my first weekend away from my kids it was over just like that. And we all survived. I got a much needed break from the real-world and got to concentrate on myself and my faith, and my husband got to walk a day (or two) in my shoes. Having him experience what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom for a weekend gave him a new appreciation for what I do on a daily basis. I loved getting tackled by both of my girls, seeing those gummy smiles from my Doo-Doos, and getting hugged so tight by my husband that I lost my breath for a minute. It feels good to know that you are where you belong ♥

Friday, February 22, 2013

If you ever want to know what you are doing wrong, ask a 3 year old

Yesterday really opened my eyes to the fact that I'm not perfect. I never thought I was and I never claimed to be...but IF I did feel that way, that feeling would have come to a screeching halt.

I picked everyone up from daycare and school yesterday afternoon which means that it was an immediate assembly line as soon as we walked through our door to get bathed and disinfected. As the girls were playing in the tub together for a minute, I needed to use the bathroom. I don't know how other kids are, but my kids like to look at poop before we flush it. Theirs, ours, anyone's. All of the time. Maybe they are slightly odd, maybe they are normal...whatever they are, it happens all of the time in our house. Especially since we're potty training kid #2.

After I was finished, I didn't flush. I saved it for the girls to look at, per their request. I then bathed all 3 kids, and got caught up with making dinner.

My husband got home just as I was about finished with dinner. He took over and told the girls to go get washed up so I could start feeding Dex. All of a sudden I hear "Mom....there's something drowning in here!" My husband goes to see what's up and shouted "Babe!?! Is this your poop? Come on....that's disgusting! Flush the toilet!" Whoops. I completely forgot to show the girls and let them flush it. Maddie walked in the living room and said "Mom. This is not acceptable." while Morgan was chanting "Bedusting. Bedusting." (her version of "disgusting") I felt like shrinking. I was put in place by my 3 year old (and 2 year old) over a turd.

The funny thing is, that's not the first time she's told me I did something wrong. It happens daily. Actually it happens multiple times during the day. I get "'re not holding my brother the right way. Mom, that's not the right lid for this cup. Mom, that toy doesn't go there, it goes here. Mom, YOU are the one who tooted. (I can't even blame my flatulence on anyone else anymore!) Mom, you never gave us an afternoon snack!" If I don't do something or do something the wrong way, she'll be sure to tell me about it. But don't think that she reserves this just for me. She will call out anyone and everyone on their faults. People have come over to babysit (the very few times that my husband and I have gotten out of the house) and she will tell them "You gave me the wrong plate. That's not how you brush my teeth. No, you read THIS story and THEN this one. You gave me the wrong cup. There's no ice in here. You need to put ice in here." So on and so forth. Then the next day she will be sure to tell Jay and I all about it.

Her memory amazes me. The worst is hearing her say "There's the yellow slide that you let me fall off of Mom. Remember? I got a boo boo on my knee, right here (she points to her knee), and it was bleeding EVERYWHERE. And Daddy had to come and meet us. Do you remember Mom? Do you?" Yeah yeah yeah I remember. How could I possibly forget when you remind me of it every single time we drive past that park. And it happened over a year ago! She's like and elephant.

If you ever want to know what your faults are, or if your doing something wrong, ask a 3 year old. If their answer isn't clear enough, come to my house. Maddie will be sure to spell it out clear as day.

Wednesday, February 20, 2013

My Little Sponges

I feel I am like most moms out there. I try to juggle a million and one things simultaneously and have days when I am so consumed with the normal routine of our day that I don't really let myself absorb all of the new things that my kids are doing, trying, learning, and saying. I guess it's not that I don't let myself it's more that I go through some days with blinders on and robotically do what needs to be done without really thinking about it.

Yesterday was one of those days when I had my blinders off. I heard every little conversation my girls had with one another. Some made me laugh, some made me cringe, and one resulted in me bolting into the room to put a stop to my 2 year old trying to eat my 3 year old's tongue. (I have no idea how that even came about, but I had to put a stop to it. I couldn't have her going out in public thinking it was OK to try and eat people's tongues!!!)

I also got a taste of what I sound like to my kids. I know that all kids are little sponges, but I sometimes forget just how absorbent they really are. I ran into Kohl's yesterday with all 3 kids forgetting that they don't have shopping carts that are big enough to at least hold a car seat, and kid #2. I ended up walking around the store with the travel system stroller calling for the other 2 kids every 30 seconds. They were in clothes racks, climbing on shelves, looking up dresses that are on manicheans (and hiding under them), putting on jewelry, and running from me like I was the boogieman. I had enough. I grabbed 2 random shirts (just enough to use up the gift card that expired that day) and we got the heck out of there. As I was loading the girls into the car Maddie said "We were so good in there Mom." I looked at her as if she was insane, and then continued strapping them in as I mumbled under my breath "You guys acted like a bunch of idiots." Probably something I should not have said, but it just slipped out. At least I mumbled it. I finished loading up everything else, and hopped in the driver's seat. As soon as I sat down I heard the girls singing "bunch of idiots, bunch of all are a bunch of idiots!" Gah. I REALLY shouldn't have said that. That's my mommy blunder for the day.

After we got home Maddie was helping me take care of Dex. She kept saying Hello handsome, you are so cute mister, ah stinky buns don't do that!, awwwe you're a little giggly buns aren't you?!? It was so cute hearing her talk to him the way I do. She's at that phase where she likes to act like a mom to all of her stuffed animals too, so that made it extra cute.

Then we come to Morgan. I was getting afternoon snack for both girls. As I was lecturing Morgan about holding her cup of cheerios upright, and keeping them in the cup instead of all over the floor and furniture (like she ALWAYS does)....I knocked the cup over myself. Cheerios flew all over my kitchen. I put my head down in shame as I moped over to get the broom when she said "Moooom!....are you serwious?!?" That's pretty much the one line I say whenever someone does something I just got done telling them not to do. Right back in my face. Awesome.

I sat there for the rest of the day watching and listening to everything they did and said. It was like watching a movie! I've come to the conclusion that 1) I am hilarious and 2) I should probably filter myself a little bit more. There are some things that I didn't even realize I say, but my kids have showed me that I definitely do.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

My V-Day Update

An update on my Valentine's Day: My husband and I don't go all out on each other. We usually don't even gets gifts. The kids make him stuff and he really enjoys it, and I enjoy watching him enjoy it. But I'm a typical sappy woman and secretly hope that I get at least a mushy card. I don't need flowers, I don't need a gift, I DEFINITELY do not need chocolate..but a card? That's doable.

What did I get this morning you ask? I got looked up and down and winked at. Yep, that's right. You read correctly. He better be walking through that door with a hand written card if he's looking to get anything even remotely close to cuddling tonight!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My V-Day

Tomorrow is Valentine's Day. Which is really a Hallmark Day. A day for them, and company's like them to generate tons of revenue, but it's still a big day in our house. We do a pretty good job showing our love for one another and our kids the other 364 days out of the year, but this is just an excuse to be over-the-top lovey...and we I look forward to it!

Breakfast will consist of red strawberries, and pink yogurt. Heart shaped pancakes and pink milk. Everyone will wear red and pink to school and daycare, and do Valentine projects for the duration of the day. I will walk my husband out of the house wearing the most hideous holey clothes I own while screaming "HAVE A GREAT DAY POOKIE BUNS!" and "I LOVE YOU SO MUCH SUGAR LIPS!" embarrassing the crap out of him in front of all of our neighbors until he closes the garage door on me. Then I will run in and call his work phone to leave a super long and sappy message that will be waiting for him as he walks in to his office.

After I'm done with school, I will pick my kids up and we will put the finishing touches on Daddy's gifts before he gets home from work. As he walks through the door, I will watch him get attacked by 2 out of the 3 kids (while the 3rd bounces around in my arms with excitement slapping every inch of my face in the process) and see the joy on their faces as they watch him open the gifts that they have worked so hard on. We will try and have a romantic dinner with all of the kids which usually ends with us getting them out of their chairs early to avoid all of their utensils, cups, and plates being thrown all over the place.
We'll do the whole bedtime routine, and finish up our romantic meal after all of the kids are in bed.

As embarrassed as my husband acts on Valentine's Day, I'm pretty sure he enjoys every second of it, and I'll even go as far to say that he looks forward to it.

So here's to hoping that all of you enjoy every single minute of a day designed to shower the ones we care about most with love, laughter, and a little bit of embarrassment.