Tuesday, March 5, 2013

My kids ARE able to survive without me.... Who woulda thought?

I had quite the stressful week last week. I was invited to go on a women's renewal weekend retreat. After seriously thinking about it, I decided that I needed to go, for many reasons, but mostly because I felt the desire to strengthen my relationship with God. It seemed like as soon as I made the commitment to go, everything went haywire.

I was already nervous about leaving my kids (it would be the first time EVER that I have slept away from them. The only other time I have left them is when I was in the hospital giving birth to the next kid, and I still ended up having one with me!). Then the two youngest ones got croup and an ear infection at the same time. (which resulted in zero sleep what so ever. They were up every hour and half because they were so uncomfortable.) Dex, my youngest kept throwing up his meds, and this is our 4th antibiotic in a row. I had two GIANT exams to study for and take before I went on my retreat, and since I was tending to sick kids... studying went right out the window. I actually think I forgot things!

After snapping at everyone and anyone because I was so on edge, it was finally exam day. I managed to pull off A's on both exams, but then had to deal with penile adhesions with Dex once I got home. Seriously. Could the timing be any worse? (Well..yeah, actually it probably could have...but this was bad enough)

I'm leaving for my first weekend ever away from my kids, and besides dealing with the anxiety about that, I have to worry about my husband giving everyone their meds when they need it, making sure Dex doesn't throw his up, and remembering to put medicine on his ticky. The antibiotics wouldn't be that big of a deal if my son wasn't going in for surgery in 2 weeks. If he still has an ear infection they won't touch him, so I was even more nervous about leaving that responsibility in someone else's hands.

After I finally made it to the church and started out my weekend, my stress and anxiety slowly started to melt away. If there's one person who can take care of my kids just as good as I can, it's my husband. I knew they were in good hands, and I was really starting to enjoy the adult interaction. Not to mention being able to eat a hot meal since I didn't have to cut up any one's food, and drinking a few beers and letting my hair down a bit was pretty refreshing. It was a great feeling, and just what I needed.

My husband and kids came to church on the final day, and I saw them sitting in the pews as we all filed in. I spotted my girls and started chuckling to myself. My husband is not the girly type. He doesn't do well with ponytails, or even head bands. And picking out their clothes? Forget about it. That's not his cup of tea either. When I first saw Morgan, it looked like he used his pomade in her hair and slicked it straight back. I laughed out loud for a split second, and then tried to compose myself. The shirt she was wearing looked very church-appropriate which was a pleasant surprise. My oldest had a headband in, but it slid down her forehead so far that she looked like she was wearing a workout sweatband. My little Jane Fonda. I snuck over to see them half way through mass because I missed them so much and really got the full blown view then. Morgan had a nice white dressy turtle neck sweater on...and black sweatpants. Sweatpants that were 2 sizes too small. Completed with dressy black sequined boots. She was a hot mess. Maddie looked nice even though she was wearing a summer shirt, and a sweatband, and my little Doo-Doos had on a pair of jeans that I think he grew out of 2 months ago. I didn't even know I still had then in the drawer! His chunky legs were spewing out all over the place...but all 3 of them were as cute as could be. The fact they were dressed like orphans just added to their cuteness.

After a crazy week, and a my first weekend away from my kids it was over just like that. And we all survived. I got a much needed break from the real-world and got to concentrate on myself and my faith, and my husband got to walk a day (or two) in my shoes. Having him experience what it's like to be a stay-at-home mom for a weekend gave him a new appreciation for what I do on a daily basis. I loved getting tackled by both of my girls, seeing those gummy smiles from my Doo-Doos, and getting hugged so tight by my husband that I lost my breath for a minute. It feels good to know that you are where you belong ♥

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