Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Hightlight of my day

12-29-12: after getting home from looking at Christmas lights tonight, my hubby immediately stripped down to his usual attire of boxers over boxer briefs and no shirt. Most of you that know him know that he is an extremely hairy human being. With that said, I passed Dex off so I could get waters for both girls and a bottle ready for Dex for bedtime. 5 seconds after walking out of the room I hear blood curdling womanly screams. I frantically dart back in only to find Dex smiling at me with a giant fist full of Jay's chest hair. Jay was trying to pull him off, but he wouldn't loosen his grip. He kept screaming so loud that Dex eventually started crying from being so scared, and I fell to the floor laughing. It was most definitely the highlight of my night. To top it off Dex earled all over Jay afterward and he had to scrub baby-vomit out of his chest hair. Maybe after tonight he'll start wearing more clothes....but that's highly unlikely.

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