Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maddie's "I Spy" Game

12-27-12: Maddie and I play a guessing game kind of like "I spy" almost daily. I make her think of things, and give me clues to describe it until I get it right. Tonight was all about people.

First was: "He's someone I love, cleans snow out of our driveway, and cuts the grass." Is it Dad? "YES! It IS Dad!!"

Next was: "He's a good cooker, and someone I love." I didn't get it right the first time, but it ended up being Pap.

Then it was: "He's someone I love, and lives really far away, and calls me MadCat." Is it Manpa? "YES!! You're right, it IS Manpa!"

Last was: "She's a girl, someone I love, and is really big." ....Um, it me? "You're right! It IS you Mom!"

Why couldn't they be clues like "She takes care of us all day, she plays games with us, she drives us around, she makes us laugh, she wipes our butts, she feeds us, she's really cool"...nope, instead I get "she's a girl and really big". Fantastic.

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