Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Maddie's Song

12-27-12: we had an amazing Christmas this year. We were spoiled by our families yet again, and got to Skype with the ones out of state. Maddie gasped and screamed "OH MY GOSH!!...JUST WHAT I WANTED!!" when she opened EVERY single present. (It took an extremely long time to get through everything) Morgan was estatic over her bag of chips, and Dexy-Doo was quite the trooper during all of the get togethers. He sat there squealing and giggling with the occasional spit-up. I ended up spending 36 hours or so in the bathroom (and after seeing all of the posts about people getting sick, I guess I'm not the only one) Although I probably am the only one who had to listen to my 3 year sing a song about Mommy pooping her pants..all thanks to my hubby. (I'm praying she doesn't sing it at school today) But it's a Christmas I wouldn't trade for anything. I love my family and cherish every single second I have with them ♥

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