Sunday, February 10, 2013

Out to eat...I mean NOT eat

Dex has been tugging at his ears for the last couple of days, and yesterday morning he wasn't really feeling his bottle. Now I know that most of you know when your kid has an ear infection. They are fussy, have a fever, don't sleep good at night, yada yada yada. Well, mine don't do that. Not any of that. They are the happiest, giggliest bacteria infested babies ever. Seriously. All 3 of them have been the same way, and I can't tell you how many times we've taken them in for well-checks only to find out that they have an ear infection. I feel like our pediatrician is going to start taking a tally and social services will show up at my door one day for child neglect! Anyway, I took my little stink pot in, and sure enough a double ear infection. Lovely.

After running a few errands with my little man (which is WAY easier than taking anyone else), we returned home. The remainder of the day was pretty typical. We made some birthday gifts, which resulted in my 2 year old using her body as a canvas, along with the table, and gluing beads to anything within reach. I had to yell at her for giving herself purple-nurples, and almost had to put her on timeout for it. Everyone napped good and when I went to get Morgan up, it was the same scene I walk in on every day. Her shirt and pants are on the ground, and she's laying in the middle of her bed. Naked. I don't know what is with this child and stripping her clothes off, but she better get over this phase before she starts school, or we're going to be moving to Alaska!

We went out to celebrate my sister-in-law's birthday, and while on our way to the restaurant we realized that this was going to be the first time that we've all gone out to eat as a family since Dex was born. After we got there and were well into our hit me. I suddenly remembered the reason why we haven't taken all 3 kids out to eat thus far.

Even though I come fully prepared with activities and distractions for's still usually a disaster. No one wanted to stay in their chair while eating...actually neither one of the girls even wanted to eat. Morgan told me every 30 seconds that she had to go potty, so I'd take her (since we're potty training), but while in the bathroom she did everything but pee. From unrolling the toilet paper, to touching the toilet, to asking "What's that?" and pointing to everything in sight. 

Back at the table, food ended up on the floor, and they end up running around the table chasing each other and playing tag. Dex puked all over my brother-in-law, and the girls ended up eating a meal entirely of cake frosting. I usually just sit back (knowing that it's pretty much a lost cause when we're out), drink a few tall beers, and let the rest of the family have at it with the kids. They love spoiling them and the kids love the attention, so why not? Plus it's a rare opportunity that I get to have adult conversations with someone other than my husband. (Not that I don't enjoy our conversations, but a woman needs conversational variety!)

On our way out, we stopped in the arcade to let everyone play a few games. They were already getting a bath as soon as we got home, so why not let them pick up a few more germs.

After winning 3 stuffed animals on the claw game, and playing a few others, everyone was spent. (Which really means we didn't have any money left) As we were walking to the car Maddie grabbed our hands and said "Mom... Dad...that was so much fun. It was the best night ever! I just LOVE that place." Knowing that our kids really did have a great time, regardless of whether they ate a balanced dinner or not, was all that mattered at that moment. What's one night anyway? We had a blast with our family, and our kids all went to bed smiling and hugging their new prizes. Knowing how much fun they had, and seeing the smiles on their faces makes me want to do it all over again...but not for at least a month.

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