Thursday, February 7, 2013

Exhausting Day to Heartmelting Night

After getting a whooping 3 hours of sleep last night due to my oldest having hives, my middle having an ear infection, and my youngest thinking it was play-time at 5:15am...I was beyond ready for bedtime tonight. The usual order of events in our house is: hubby gets home, we have dinner, and if the girls haven't pooped yet that day, they do it right after dinner before we get ready for bed. Tonight was no exception. Everyone needed to poop. (the odds of both girls pooping somtime during the day instead of waiting until right before bed are pretty much the same as us winning the lottery. Slim to none.) After Morgan (my 2 year old) was done, I wanted to use the bathroom myself before continuing on with our bedtime routine. I sat down and Morgan came running in. "You go potty Mom?" she asked. "Yep, I've gotta go potty quick" I said. As she heard me go she gasped, threw her arms up in the air, and then starting clapping and shouted "So prouda you Mommy!! Yaaaay!!!" "Thanks hunny." I said as I was laughing. "You go poop Mom?" she then asked. Catching me off guard I said "...Oh, well maybe...I'm not sure yet." "OH!"...she said as if a light bulb just went off. She scurried out of the bathroom only to come back screaming down the hallway "MAG-ZEEN MOMMY!! MAG-ZEEN!!!" She ran back to me, set up the stool right in front of the toilet, and plopped her little tush down. "I read to you Mom. .....Once pona time...(she looked around to see if I was paying attention)....uh, cheese...grapes...OH! POP-TARTS!!!..." The "magazine" that she had grabbed was really our Giant Eagle circular, and she was rattling off the sale items. She was so darn cute about it, that I sat there until my legs went numb. ;)

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