Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Sneaky Morgie

12-19-12: This week we have been recieving packages from out of state family. While I have been saving the big boxes to empty and put out on Christmas Eve, I have opened some smaller envelope size packages to place under the tree. The girls (of course) squealed with excitement upon seeing presents and immediately wanted to open them. I said we needed to wait until Christmas, and Maddie started tantrum city. I sat down with her and went on and on about why we needed to wait. I ended with "look, your sister isn't even fussing over it. Only a few more days and you will have tons of gifts to open." She eventually calmed down and we both went back to the living room...and what do you suppose we walk in on?....Morgan sitting under the tree opening presents! I should've known, it was way too quiet for her to be doing something good....but on the brightside, she only managed to open one, and it was her own.

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