Wednesday, February 6, 2013

10-19-12: while trying to have a conversation with Jay last night:
Maddie: "Mom?...Mom?..Mommy?...Mom?...Can I please say something?...Mom, I have something to say?...Mom?...Mommy?.."
Me: "What do you have to say Madison?"
Maddie: "I really love pepperoni because it's so good and delicious."
Me: "Awesome Maddie. I'm so glad I know that now."
Back to my conversation with Jay.
Maddie: "Mom?...Mommy?...Mom?..Mom?..I have something else to say. Mommy?.."
Me: "What Madison?"
Maddie: "I don't like gorillas because they are too loud and noisy."
Me: "Fantastic. I'll be sure to keep all of the gorillas away from you."
Maddie: "Thanks Mom."
I swear that kid just talks to hear her own voice. No clue where she gets that from...

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