Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My day so far: Morgan don't do that. Maddie give that back to your sister. Girls stop fighting. Dex did you seriously poop again?!? I just changed you 2 seconds ago!! Morgan...put Dex's poopy diaper back in the garbage. You're sick. Morgan give your sister her gutchies back. Maddie, put your gutchies back on. We can't be naked. No seriously...we CANNOT be naked. Maddie quit teasing your sister. Morgan get out of the bathroom. Morgan put the toilet paper back first, THEN get out of the bathroom. Girls...get off of your brother! Just because he's laughing doesn't mean it's funny.'s not funny. Maddie put my calculator back. No, it is NOT your computer. Put it back. Morgan get back on the potty.......Thank goodness it's lunchtime followed by nap time for EVERYONE!! :)

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