Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Inbetween Moments

I was feeling quite adventurous this morning, so I made some homemade chocolate chip muffins for breakfast. Jay had the girls in the basement with him when I heard cheering, clapping, and hootin and hollerin coming up the stairs. As I started towards the door I heard Maddie say "Morgie! Daddy is so good at basketball!! Let's keep watching!" I was a little perplexed since my husband is not your typica...l basketball player...and we don't have a hoop in the basement. As I made my way down the stairs I saw both girls sitting on the bottom step (as if they were on the bleachers) watching Jay wad up dirty clothes and shoot them into the washer from half way across the basement. They clapped and cheered with every shot. It's moments like that that make me slow down a bit and soak in all the "inbetween moments" ♥

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