Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Daddy Tales

"I had my niece's baby shower today which means I got 4+ hours of being kid and husband free. I texted Jay at the beginning of the shower to check-in, and didn't get a response. No biggie. 3 kids all going down for nap at the same time can take some figuring out when you don't do it on a daily basis. 2 hours later I got "ok now". Again I figured it just took a little bit longer to get every down fo...r nap. Upon getting home I asked Jay how his day was and I got "the look", followed by "...we need to go get a new microwave." "What?..... What in the world went on while I was gone??" Apparently while heating lunch up, the microwave started sparking and sputtering resulting in Jay flinging the girls across the kitchen (in their highchairs) while he attempted to unplug it (knowing Jay...overly dramatic I'm sure), then right when he finally sat down to feed Dex, Maddie started choking on her lunch and he had to sprint to her rescue. Lunch time was a mess, which means naptime didn't go too smooth for him either. Everyone eventually went down, but after hearing about his adventures today, I laughed so hard I literally had a side-ache. I love catastrophic parenting tales (when there are no real injuries of course!)!!!"

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